PIA 005: The Many Jobs of Private Investigators

After a long break I am back on the microphone to talk about some great topics.  I am always stressing how the life of a private investigator can be stressful and keep you away from home.  Well This has happened to me quite a bit recently.

In this episode I explain how my website jumped up several spots to get into the top 5 position in Google.   We go over some news about private investigators that have had a negative light upon them.  We also talk about an important iPhone app that you should consider having on your phone whether your a private investigator or not.  Finally we talk about the many different jobs of a private investigator.  If I missed one let me know and I will try to cover it on a future podcast.

For the Yevgeniy Samsonov’s Parroting Scam click the link.  I talk about this in the podcast as it is an interesting story.

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