PIA 004: Things you need to know about the job PART 2

In this episode of the Private Investigator Advice Podcast I finish up with the things you need to know about the job.  Yes that’s right; I am moving passed the negative topics of the job (at least at least after this podcast).

It has been a busy time for me recently so it was difficult for me to sit down and record the podcast but I finally finished it last night. I noticed that half way through the podcast the audio levels were a bit weak so I apologize for that in advance.  I am still working out the kinks.

The news article that I mention in the podcast can be found by clicking HERE.  The news story shares an obvious fraud case that took place in December of 2011.  My wife reads quite a bit of news online and actually brought the article to my attention when it first came out.  I was both amazed and not surprised that the fraud was able to carry on for such a long period of time.

The podcast is being heard around the world and I am very happy to see that happening so early in the life of this podcast.  Australia, Canada, and the UK are a few of the countries that have found the podcast.  The largest amount of listeners comes from the United States.

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