Nonda Zus Smart Car Charger Review – Much More Than A Charger #140

Some car chargers are good and some are great.  I have reviewed car chargers in the past I and I will continue to do more in the future.  But I am very excited to share with you my thoughts on the Nonda Zus Smart Car Charger.

I have had this charger for a year or so but just got around to opening it up to review it and I am glad I did.

My family and I all went to Seattle to watch a WWE show at the Seattle Center.  Always wanted to see wrestling in person since I was a kid.  I always get a bit nervous when it comes to parking in Seattle when there are events.  I didn’t have to park that far from the Seattle Center but it gave me an opportunity to try out some of the features on this device which I will explain  in a moment.  I will also explain why this charger might be very ideal for a surveillance investigator (or anyone else that needs to find their car).


The Zus Charger

The Zus car charger has a really unique shape that is difficult to articulate in words but a picture tells the story.  The charger has a titanium coating that helps it resist overheating in hot temperature areas.  It has two USB ports two charge two devices at once which is a standard that most car chargers have, and should have.  Both USB ports light up to make it easier to locate charger in the dark.


The Zus car charger is a device that identifies what type of device it is (phone, tablet, or other device) and charges that device as fast as possible.  It has a 4.8A max charging power. What I believe this refers to is each USB port charges 2.4A each.   This is enough power to charge any device at a fast rate.

I have only used it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 while listening to a podcast, using Google Maps, and even while using lots of resources on my phone and it continues to charge quickly.  

Tracks Where you Park

So this is where the charger starts to earn its value.  The charger connects to the ZUS app (Android and iPhone) and the charger notifies the app when you turn off your vehicle and the app saves the location of your parking position.   When you are ready to return to your vehicle, open the app and walk towards your vehicle using the map.  

I have tried the app several time and it really works well.  I was very impressed.

After you park the app also gives you an option for a meter alert.  If you are parked at a parking meter you can set a time as a reminder to make sure you can go back and feed the meter.

On top of being able to track where your vehicle is it also allows you to take a picture of your parking spot to help find where your vehicle is (if you are having a hard time finding it)

Zus Map in detail
My photo not included

Tracks Mileage

The app lets you track your trip to different locations and tracks your mileage.  You can identify whether it is a personal or work related trip.  The ZUS app tracks 60 trips for free each month.  

I have used this function and it works though it is not as functional as other apps that specifically are made to do this.  I also noticed that it did not track one of my trips when I used google maps and there was no cell service for a portion of the trip.  

With that being said it is still quite a bonus feature to have.


Mileage Tracker Zus

Share where you are  

This isn’t a function I have tested but the app allows you to share your location with others.  

Check voltage on your battery

The app checks and tracks your battery voltage in your vehicle.  The app also provides helpful hints to keep your battery in good working order.

Zus Battery Checker

Thoughts on this Charger

When I review anything I always consider the price of item versus the value it provides.  The Nonda Zus Power Charger sells for $29.99 on Amazon.  

After considering all the different benefits the app and charge provide:

  • Fast charging
  • Vehicle locator
  • Mileage tracker (60 trips)
  • Battery voltage monitor
  • Location sharing
  • Nice design with USB lights

I think this is a great buy and I continue to use this charger and may even purchase another one for my other vehicles.


If you get one or have one already, please let  me know how you like in the comments.  If you know of another car charger that impressed you, tell me about it as well.