#34: Must Have iPhone app for private investigators #5. How this app caught a thief.

It’s been awhile since I have written about iPhone apps for private investigators but I was finally able to locate an app that was worthy of being called a private investigator app.

I have individuals arriving at this website daily looking for alternatives to the famous Ring Shuffle Application that allows you to have temporary number that is automatically forwarded to your phone.

The new iPhone application that I recently came across is called Burner.  Burner (Like Ring Shuffle) allows you create a temporary phone number for however long you would like.  With that phone number you can also text others while continuing to conceal your actual number.  And when you are done with the phone number….you burn it.

This is not a free application.  It is $1.99 to purchase the application.   With the purchase your receive 3 credits that can be used towards a 7 day temporary number or 20 minutes of talk time.  If you would like to purchase a plan that lasts longer they have  3 additional plans to choose from.

To see how it works, watch this VIDEO I made.

While doing some addition research about this application I came across an amazing video when a citizen from the Portland, Oregon area had his $2500 bicycle stolen.  If you know anything about bicyclists, they are passionate about their bicycles and riding.  I loved this story for various reasons but I loved it even more because it took place in Washington state.

The bike owner found his bicycle on Craigs List and agreed to meet with seller of the bike in Seattle, Washington. He contacted the thief using the Burner application to make it seem as if he was a Seattle resident, and texted him when he reached the location where he was going to purchase the bike.

The bike owner traveled roughly 2 ½ hours away from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington.  The bike owner with the help of his friends was able video document everything which includes the confrontation, the chase and the arrest.  There is some swearing as the events unfolded but this video is completely awesome and shows the power of this application.  I won’t give all the details but you must watch the video below.  The video was posted on August 14, 2012 and has over 120,000 views as of mid day on August 15, 2012.


I have a few more apps that I will share in the near future. Until then enjoy this application if you decide to use it. Be safe out there.