#51: MP3/iPod Hidden Spy Camera Review

I don’t spend a significant amount of time Ebay but it seems as if they have found a way to stick a video camera in just about every item out there.  A friend brought this new (to me) covert camera to my attention by sending me an Ebay link.  After seeing it this covert camera on Ebay I couldn’t wait to do a review of the item.

I received the MP3 hidden camera about a couple weeks after ordering it as it had to come from China.  All of my covert cameras come from China so this is the typical shipping time.  The packaging was modest but sufficient to protect them spy camera during the shipping process. 

The camera has the following spefications:

Visual Angle – 65 degrees

Minimum Illumination1 Lux

Card Capacity – A maximum of 8 gigabytes

Record– The video files are saved as AVI (640×480) at 30 frames a seconds

Photos– Photos are saved as JPG files (1280×960)

USB Interface – USB 1.1/2.0

Operating System– Windows 2000/XP/Vista32

Music Format Supported– MP3   MA

The spy camera came with the following items

  • Operational Instructions
  • Headphones
  • MP3 Player Covert Camera
  • USB cord

MP3 Camera InstructionsOperational Instructions

The instructions are written in English and Chinese.  The instructions are easy to understand and well written in English.  There is a picture of the camera and a structural map of all the different functions.


Apparently the headphones are functional however I was unable to test them.

MP3 Player covert cameraMP3 Player Covert Camera

The MP3 Player Covert Camera is slightly smaller than 808 Car Key Camera and would be most equivalent to an iPod Nano.  The camera is also a functioning MP3 player as you can apparently load music onto the memory card and use it while videotaping.  This was a function I was unable to test.

The camera is located on the face of the MP3 Player.  There is a reset button, slot for the TF card, a USB/Headphone jack, and recording/listening controls on the front of the camera.  A clip is located on the back of the MP3 Player. 

USB CordUSB Cord

This USB cord has the traditional USB function on one end and a headphone jack on the other end.  Connecting the MP3 player to the computer allows you to charge the camera or to transfer files from the memory card to your computer.

My Thoughts on the Camera

The first thing that came to mind when I first saw the camera was how it would really blend in well when videotaping people in public and especially the gym. 

When I first began using the camera I could not immediately determine whether I was videotaping upside down or not.  I of course figured it out after testing the video on the camera. 

The microphone recorded my voice clearly when I tested the video.  It was not very loud however when listening to it on my computer. 

The test video I obtained was in a lit room and was very clear.  In normal lit conditions I do not foresee there being any problems.  I would be careful however when videotaping in darker areas like bars.  These type of cameras are notorious for struggling to capture clear video in darker areas. You may need to be extremely close to your subject when videotaping in low lit areas.

The instructions talk about a light that will blink to let you know what function you are using.  The light is located in the microphone hole.  It took me a second to figure this out. 

I would recommend this camera off my initial experience with it.  It will take some practice to learn the proper recording distances and it may feel funny trying to record with the camera in your hand because of the shape and size.  For the price however (I paid $16.76 with shipping) it is a good deal for anyone.

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If you would like to see the video review of this product CLICK HERE.