MARSEE Zero X Wireless Portable Speaker Review #127

Wireless speakers have been catching on with consumers for the past  couple of years and for good reason.  Consumers are listening to music on smaller devices that don’t have the speaker quality which doesn’t’ allow others to enjoy and share music. On my phones over the years I would watch movies, YouTube, listen to music and podcasts but typically it wasn’t something others watched with me because they just couldn’t hear what ever I was listening to or watching.  The speakers in my phone just weren’t powerful enough to make putting my phone in speaker mode worth it.

So when companies like MARSEE ask me to review their Zero X Wireless Portable Speaker I am more than happy to do so because in the course of my life and work I use wireless speakers frequently. I will a wireless speaker on the dashboard of my older vehicles that don’t have stereo systems that allow me to plug my phone into or connect to the stereo system by Bluetooth.  I will also be using a wireless speaker in my boat this summer because I don’t have a stereo in my boat yet.

But that is just how I use it.  You can use it by taking it to:

  • The beach
  • Picnics
  • On hikes
  • On walks
  • In your house
  • In your car

MARSEE Zero X Wireless Portable Speaker Specs

Marsee Zero X Portable Wireless Speakers

The diameter of the MARSEE Zero X is no bigger than my Samsung Galaxy 5 which is pretty compact when it comes wireless speakers and that can be a good thing when it comes to having to pack or carrying it on your adventures.  This speakers has Bluetooth 4.0 technology which is suppose to connect to your device faster and provide clear sound.

It also rated IPX6 in regards to water resistance.  This rating is just before ratings related items being waterproof.  This speaker is not waterproof but very water resistant.  Some websites related this rating to the speaker being sprayed with a super soaker.  This is pretty good considering the size and price.

The internal battery is a rechargeable 2000 Ah battery that should last up to 8 hours on a full charge.  The company states that it take about 3 hours to fully recharge the battery.

One last unique feature on this speaker is it has a microphone on the speaker which allows for you to have phone conversations using this speaker.

  • Dimensions: 7.4 x 3.9 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight: 10.7 ounces
  • Micro USB port
  • SD Card Slot (For playing music from SD Cards)
  • Connects via Bluetooth 4.0
  • Connects to devices via a 3.5mm cable
  • 8 watt speakers
  • Built-in rechargeable 2000 Ah battery

The Box Includes :

  • 1* MARSEE ZeroX Bluetooth Speaker
  • 1* USB charging cable
  • 1* 3.5mm audio cable
  • 1* Carabiner hook
  • 1* User manual

Marsee Zero X Portable Speaker Contents

The Controls

The controls to the speaker are located on the top and allow you to change and skip to the next song, play, stop playing (whatever you are listening to), answer a call, end a call, reject a call, turn on and off, and turn the volume up and down.

I tested the controls and they all seem to work as advertised.  The buttons feel firm and sturdy.

Marsee Zero X Portable Speaker Controls

The Sound

Let me just say that this small speaker has some serious sound coming out of it.  I mean it gets loud (If you want it loud of course).  It is a super powerful speaker that doesn’t break or crackle at a high volume.  I connected my phone to the speaker, turned on Amazon Music listened to Christmas songs on Prime Music.  I was completely impressed by the clear sharp music.  I also listen to podcasts from the speaker and the voices were very clear and sharp.

You will not be disappointed by the volume of this speaker.  The sound carries to 2 or 3 rooms in my home very easily.

Using Bluetooth vs. 3.5 mm cable

I tested the sound using Bluetooth and the 3.5mm cable and I can say there is no difference in the quality.  Don’t let that be a worry.

As for distance with the Bluetooth connection, I was able to walk approximately 30 feet from the speaker with my phone before the sound began to break up.  30 feet seems to be the general standard with wireless speakers in my experience and I personally was completely satisfied with the distance.

Marsee Zero X Wireless Portable Speaker connections

Using the microphone for phone calls

I tested the phone function on the speaker and no matter what I did I kept receiving feedback on the call. The microphone didn’t appear to pick up sound very well when I tested it.

This is not a reason to avoid purchasing the speaker.  I would personally probably never use the phone function on a wireless portable speaker.   I  am always surprised to see this function on a wireless speaker to begin with.

The feel of the speaker

The overall feel of the speaker gives me the sense that it is sturdy and rugged. The exterior around the speaker feels like a very hard rubber.  The front (where the speakers are) feels like a very sturdy metal. I don’t believe this is going to break from a small fall from a backpack or your pocket.

Marsee Zero X Portable Speaker Exterior Rubber

Overall Feeling About the MARSEE Zero X Wireless Portable Speaker


  • Speaker is loud and has range.  
  • Has a battery meter (Lets you know how much battery power is left).
  • IPX6 rating, which means it is almost (Not quite) waterproof.  This is really good in my opinion.
  • Small and compact.
  • 30 ft. Bluetooth range (Love this).
  • Price – As I write this it is listed for $22.99 USD on Amazon.  Such a great price for what you get.


  • Microphone/Phone function didn’t work well (it worked just not to a good standard in my testing)

Disregarding the issues I had with phone function this really appears to be a great speaker especially for the price.  I don’t think anyone would be disappointed using this to listen to music or podcasts no matter where they are.

I can not account for the longevity of this product but if I have any problems with it in the future I will update this post.

If you purchase this item be sure to share your experiences with it in the comments of this review or on the Youtube review.

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