Licensing and Training Requirements in Wyoming to Become a Private Investigator

You may be happy to know that Wyoming does not require that private investigators be licensed though the state.  One city in the state named Cheyenne, requires you to have a business license in their city should you conduct investigations within their city limits.

Cheyenne is the most populated city in the state so if you plan on doing work in Wyoming you might as well go through the process to have a business license in their city.  There will be more on that below.

Regardless of the state you work in I recommend a few things for someone who is new to the private investigation field.  And those things are:

-Learn about the job (websites like this one)

-Educate yourself (college, online courses, books)

– Get your business license

-Join an association (business and private investigations)

Learning about the job

There are several websites that discuss this industry which include this one, the Private Investigator Magazine Website and Pursuit Magazine.  Read the articles, subscribe to the websites and determine if this is the right career for you.  I have a podcast if you are interested it listening about the industry.

Educating Yourself

Pursing and education related to criminal justice would be an asset for someone wanting to be a private investigator.  This would allow you to learn about the justice system and laws that may be applicable to you as a private investigator.  Books and online courses for private investigators can also be found easily when looking for a less expensive option.

Business License

It does not appear that Wyoming  requires you to have a business license or register with the Secretary of State unless you are a corporation.

As previously stated you will need to get a business license through the city of Cheyenne.  There are actually two licenses. One is if you have an agency license and one is for the private investigators working for someone.  Here are the requirements from the city of Cheyenne:

For Agencies:

  • Annual Fee of $135
  • Security Bond in the amount of $10,000
  • Proof of age of majority
  • Fingerprints, Background Check and Photos to be conducted by Police Department prior to submitting application to City Clerk’s Office.
  • Fill lout the remaining portions of the application
  • Pay $15 to the city for fingerprinting
  • Pay $15 for the state fee

Business License for the Private Investigator

This application if for someone who is employed or who wants to be employed with a private investigation company.

  • Fill out an application
  • Pay $15 for police department fee

You will also need to do the following:

  • Have a valid identification
  • Pay $15 to the city for fingerprinting
  • Pay $15 for the state fee

Join a Private Investigation Association

I could not find an association for private investigators directly related to the state though there are other ones out there that you can consider such as :

  • NALI – National Association of Legal Investigators
  • USAPI – United States Association of Professional Investigators
  • WAPI – The World Association of Professional Private Investigators
  • NCISS- The National Council of Investigation and Security Services

I wish you much luck in your private investigation career and I hope that you find these links and resources helpful.  If your interested in knowing how much a private investigator earns you may be interested in this article.