Intertek 100W Continuous Power Inverter Lighter USB Review #139

I have purchased several power inverters over the years and typically have tried to stay away from the smaller inverters because many years ago I purchased a small one that failed on me shortly after buying it. It probably isn’t fair that I didn’t give a smaller inverter a chance because my bad experience was approximately 10 years ago.

Intertek 100W Car Inverter 1
Small Car Inverter


I had to pick up an emergency inverter from a Walgreens store before a surveillance because I again had a inverter fail again.  It isn’t surprising because I use an inverter everyday, especially when on a surveillance.  I found the Intertek 100W Inverter. I don’t remember how much I purchased it for unfortunately.  

The inverter has an outlet plug as well as a 1A USB plug.  The plug that goes into the cigarette lighter adjusts up and down which  can be convenient for different types of vehicles.

After doing some research I learned that a laptop computer typically need less than 100 watts to charge which is good because this inverter is 100 watts and has worked well for me.  And I usually don’t use 100 watt inverters but it charges my computer and most of the time that is all I need charged other than my phone or camera.

Intertek 100W Car Inverter
USB and Standard US Plug

I think the only issue I have with this inverter is that it can be a little noisy with the fan keeping it cool.  I personally can ignore the sound but it drives my wife crazy when it is on.  

I have purchased an additional inverter recently but only because I thought I lost this one (but I found it).  I will continue to use this one as it continues to work well for me.  I wouldn’t shy away from compact inverters in future because they take up less room in a car which is typically a good thing.

Intertek 100W Car Inverter

Here is a link to this inverter on Amazon. It is selling for $19.99.  I think it is a good buy for anyone at an affordable price.  I have some other similar inverters linked below from Amazon as well.


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