Guest Blogging Can Help or Hurt Your Website- Tech News Tuesday- P.I. Podcast #36

Below is a summary of what was discussed on the Tech News Tuesday for Private Investigators. 

Man questioned by federal authorities after wearing Google Glass

Shortly after a woman was found innocent in court after being accused of using Google Glass when driving (and found innocent) a man was questioned by Federal Authorities after employees saw the man wearing Google Glasses in the movie theater.

The man was questioned because authorities believed he might be videotaping the movie, “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.”   Pirating video is a big business and apparently taken very seriously.  The man was actually wearing Google Glass with prescription glasses.  Recording the movie with his Google Glasses never occurred to him.

What I found interesting about this story

I thought it was very interesting to hear that the man in the story had prescription lenses attached to his Google Glasses. This is actually a big step in making this technology main stream.  If people can justify wearing Google Glass as part of their prescription, people may be less likely to think someone is using the glasses for something illegal and allows for this technology to take a step closer into becoming main stream.

To read more about it from The Columbus Dispatch click here.

Guest blogging can help or hurt your website

Guest blogging can be a great help to an investigator and their website.  It can assist with a private investigator’s website climbing the rankings. It can help a private investigator gain authority and trust.  It can also allow investigators and customers to find an otherwise unknown investigator.

Guest blogging can have a down side.  Marketing companies are looking for the benefits of guest blogging but don’t always provide unique content to websites.  When copied articles are shared repeatedly on the internet it begins to hurt the website that is carrying copied content.  This can in turn affect you rankings on the Google search engine.

To hear from the authority on this topic click here.

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Neptune Pine: A stand-alone smart watch

I love wearable technology and I have been looking forward to wearable technology offering a product that interested me.  The Neptune Pine smart watch does just about everything I would need in the private investigation industry. 

It has the following capabilities:

  • Stand alone smart watch
  • Detaches from wrist band
  • Android Jelly Bean
  • 320 x 240 screen
  • Runs various other applications
  • Map apps
  • GPS Chip
  • Keyboard
  • Duel Cameras (front facing for Skype) Back (point and shoot camera)
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  • 120 hours stand by
  • 8 hours talk time
  • Cost is $335 in Canada for 16 gigs
  • Headphone jack
  • Pairs to a Bluetooth headset
  • Could be used as a mini cell phone
  • Can connect to Wifi
  • Even has Bluetooth

This watch is affordable and offers more than I could imagined and quite frankly more than many other smart watches on the market today.  This would have many great uses for private investigators.

Click here for the Neptune Pine website.