#2 Free Private Investigator Background Searching Tools

Where to find quality information without paying for it

There are many reasons people want to find information on a individual. And many people would first like to use free background searching tools before having to pay for any information.

It may be because we just started dating someone new or maybe you want to learn more about an individual.  Many times we call upon a private investigator to use special resources that are unavailable to the everyday public. But when we don’t have the money for a private investigator where can you look for information?

I have compiled some information that I use on a daily basis when searching for information. This information is free for anyone.

When searching these sites you must remember that not all information is up to date and maybe old however it is a good place to start your research.


Have you ever received a phone call and you didn’t recognize the number? Just jump on to one of the websites below and it may help you figure out who is calling you.  Many of the sites allow you to search names, phone numbers,  addresses and business information.

When searching for an individual through a directory assistance service I begin my search through the following sites:


You can search names, reverse search phone numbers,  reverse search addresses and business information.  I use Whitepages.com frequently but it is not a website I can depend on entirely.  I believe many times the data and information is out of date but even old information can be helpful.


You can search names, reverse search phone numbers,  reverse search addresses and business information.  The information on here is hit and miss.  Let me know you experience with it.  Search yourself and see if you can find your information.


411.com isn’t my first choice when searching for information but just another option.  You can always compare the results from this website with other websites.  This site searches people, phone number, addresses and business information.


I believe this website is associated to Intelius which is a site that requires you to pay for information.  With that being said I think it provides so more accurate information when it comes to locating people.  Let me know how you like this one and how accurate you found it to be.


If you are not having any luck with those sites you can always search and address or phone number in Google.  Many times the phone number or address is associated with an individual or the address has been on the market.


Social media has grown so rapidly that you can most likely find the person you are looking for through facebook.com or myspace.com.  If you search a name though facebook and do not get the results you are looking for try searching for an associate of the that person (friend, sister, mother, etc..).  Once you find the associate, search their friends for the person you are looking for.  I have found many individuals by piecing information together about known associates.

Myspace in opinion is no longer a forum that is used as much as Facebook but it is always worth a look.  After searching for a name you can always narrow down your results by age, city, and gender.  Even if people don’t use their account anymore there is still old information present that may be useful.

These people searching techniques are to be used in a responsible manner.  I hope this private investigator blog helps you in your investigation.  Feel free to add more tips in the comments section of this blog article.



  1. Fantastic help. A+. Would recommend.

  2. Don’t write off MySpace yet! One of my favorite things about MySpace is that it is not currently popular. In my experience, a large percentage of people who no longer *use* MySpace, have simply abandoned their accounts. The accounts are still online, with all of the photos and comments, patiently waiting for an audience. Make sure to write down, not just bookmark, pages of interest and the date accessed. Even if someone gets smart and edits the information later, MIT’s way back search engine can sometimes work magic!

    • You are soo right. I use Myspace as a last resort when I need to find a picture of someone. It’s not typically the first source I turn to however. Great input!

  3. Hi, thanks for the info. It was useful. Do you know a good tool for email search when you don’t have the name? (free of course)

  4. Hi
    Can you please suggest any good website in UK for research?
    You have done a lot of great stuff in your research and very useful but I need UK information.
    Many thanks

    • There are only a handful of resources used in the United States that are not available to everyone. What types of website/information are you looking to find?
      Thanks George