Private Investigator Terminology

#86: What is a Side Hustle and Why Does a Private Investigator Need One? P.I. Podcast #59

Side Hustle Play in new window | Download Most people haven’t heard the term side hustle and it is a term I only learned about a few years ago.  It’s not a bad word and has nothing to do with illegal activity.  I have no intentions of steering you in that direction.  What is a side hustle? defined a side ...

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#49: Private Investigator Terminology: Common Words used by Private Investigators

The word 'education' highlighted in a dictionary

A large disadvantage for individuals looking to get hired in the private investigation industry is the lack the understanding for words commonly used by investigators. Years ago one of my initial interviews with a private investigation agency I was able to score some valuable points with the hiring investigator by having some understanding of the words commonly used in the ...

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Private Investigator Advice Podcast #9: Terminology

Private Investigator Podcast Play in new window | DownloadThe P.I. Advice Podcast #9 is now available. Christmas has come and gone. We are now in a new year and I can only imagine that more and more people are pursing the private investigation industry. I hope that this website can be a stepping stone for those entering the industry. In this episode ...

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