P.I. Licensing

This category provides information on private investigator licensing throughout the United States and news related to licensing

How to Become a Private Investigator in Arizona

Arizona’s private investigator licensing program is run by the Licensing Unit in the Department of Public Safety.  In order to for you to be granted a Private Investigator Agency License you must have …:”equivalent of three years of full-time investigative experience that consists of actual work performed as an investigator …

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Licensing and Training Requirements in Wyoming to Become a Private Investigator

You may be happy to know that Wyoming does not require that private investigators be licensed though the state.  One city in the state named Cheyenne, requires you to have a business license in their city should you conduct investigations within their city limits. Cheyenne is the most populated city …

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Oregon Private Investigator License- How to Become a Licensed Private Investigator in Oregon

Before you consider pursuing your private investigation license in the state of Oregon it is important to determine if you even need a license.  Here is how you determine if you need one. Oregon states the definition of an investigator means you are a person in the business of obtaining, …

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Private Investigator Licensing Requirements in Washington State

When it comes to licensing in Washington state to become a private investigator Washington does their due diligence in making sure someone either knows the laws or has experience to be doing the job. Unarmed Private Investigator To become a unarmed private investigator in the state of Washington you must …

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