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A Practical Use for Quadcopters During a Surveillance for Private Investigators- #117


A private investigator in Oregon responded to my video titled, Drones for Surveillance. Are Private Investigators Using Them? The video was basically the video version of an article I had written about the topic of drones for private investigators. The Oregon investigator messaged me the following: Andrew, I am a …

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#104: Private Investigator Weapons – What Weapons Are Being Used – Podcast #69

A viewer of one of my videos asked if I could discuss two topics.  The first topic he wanted me to discuss was surveillance vehicles.  Luck for me I already discussed the topic and anyone else interested in my thoughts on it can click here for that blog, podcast and …

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#103: HD500 1080P Spy Pen Camera Review by a Private Investigator

Teton Webstores reached out to me at the end of 2015 and asked that I conduct a review of their spy pen camera from  Their particular model for this camera is the HD500.  Though I have reviewed a spy pen camera in the past I was particularly interested in their …

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#102: 7 Tips and Considerations When Buying a Video Camera for Surveillance

Buying a video camera for surveillance is a very important thing for a private investigator. Over the years I have found small important things to take into consideration when purchasing a video camera that most people might miss.  Generally speaking, video cameras are not cheap and you will likely only buy …

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#99: Targus Laptop Charger plus USB Tablet/Smartphone Charger review

I am not in the habit writing about laptop chargers but since I had to purchase one recently due to my laptop charger failing I thought it was worth sharing this awesome laptop charger from Targus I stumbled upon. The Targus Laptop Charger plus USB Tablet/Smartphone charger is that back …

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