Private Investigator Equipment Review

AUKEY CC-S5 4.8A Dual Port USB Car Charger Review #125


Most investigators work in their vehicles in some manner or another.  Maybe they conduct surveillance in their vehicles or maybe they drive to different locations frequently.  Even if you’re not an investigator you likely drive somewhere. And if you’re like me you are looking for a charger for you vehicle that might handle charging a tablet, phone, portable speaker, portable ...

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GBB G1 Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone Review #120


GBB reached out and asked that I review their wireless speaker Bluetooth speaker with a microphone.  I was interested in reviewing it for personal and business purposes.  So let’s get to the review. Wireless speakers are a big thing in the tech industry.  Just walk into Best Buy and take a look at their wireless speaker collection.  And with more ...

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#103: HD500 1080P Spy Pen Camera Review by a Private Investigator

Teton Webstores reached out to me at the end of 2015 and asked that I conduct a review of their Spy Pen Camera from  Their particular model for this camera is the HD500.  Though I have reviewed a spy pen camera in the past I was particularly interested in their version of it because their model allowed for covering up ...

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#99: Targus Laptop Charger plus USB Tablet/Smartphone Charger review

I am not in the habit writing about laptop chargers but since I had to purchase one recently due to my laptop charger failing I thought it was worth sharing this awesome laptop charger from Targus I stumbled upon. The Targus Laptop Charger plus USB Tablet/Smartphone charger is that back up (or primary) charger that everyone should have for the ...

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#98: 1/4 Inch Screw Mini Ball Head for Monopod Review

I know the first think you are going to ask is what the heck is and how does it work. Let me share with you my experience and thoughts on this inexpensive accessory for you monopod or tripod. The mini ball head adapter for a tripod or monopod is an excellent attachment for a private investigator to have.  The ball ...

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#97: Canon Deluxe Backpack 200EG Camera Bag Review

I was never really a backpack/camera bag type of guy especially when it related to being a private investigator.  However the longer I am in this industry the more cameras and devices I need room for.  After wearing down my traditional camera bag it was time to find something new to store my cameras and private investigation equipment. While browsing ...

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#83: Targus TG-5060TR Tripod Review

I decided to pick up some additional tripods at Walmart knowing I would need more than one tripod to make a few instructional videos for the Private Investigator Advice website.  I was feeling impatient so I didn’t order the tripods through Amazon though I should have as I would have save a few dollars.  One of the tripods I picked ...

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#74: Sony HDR – CX220 Camcorder Review for Private Investigators

I love Sony Video cameras.  At least I did at one point.  After my recent Sony video camera purchase I am not so sure that Sony is putting out the best camera anymore. As many of you know I have been using the Sony DCR-SX44 Video Camera and I love it.  The camera starts immediately after opening the viewing screen, ...

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