Private Investigator Equipment Review

Pebble Smartwatch Classic for Android or iPhone Phones Review #142

Pebble Smartwatch Classic Review

I didn’t have a smartwatch and I wanted to know what all the commotion was about.  I wanted to see if having a smartwatch was a hassle or asset, especially in the life of a private investigator. So I purchased a refurbished Classic Pebble Smartwatch.  I am pretty sure it was the first watch Pebble started selling.   The watch ...

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Intertek 100W Continuous Power Inverter Lighter USB Review #139

Intertek 100W Car Inverter

I have purchased several power inverters over the years and typically have tried to stay away from the smaller inverters because many years ago I purchased a small one that failed on me shortly after buying it. It probably isn’t fair that I didn’t give a smaller inverter a chance because my bad experience was approximately 10 years ago.   ...

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MARSEE Zero X Wireless Portable Speaker Review #127

Wireless speakers have been catching on with consumers for the past  couple of years and for good reason.  Consumers are listening to music on smaller devices that don’t have the speaker quality which doesn’t’ allow others to enjoy and share music. On my phones over the years I would watch movies, YouTube, listen to music and podcasts but typically it ...

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AUKEY CC-S5 4.8A Dual Port USB Car Charger Review #125


Most investigators work in their vehicles in some manner or another.  Maybe they conduct surveillance in their vehicles or maybe they drive to different locations frequently.  Even if you’re not an investigator you likely drive somewhere. And if you’re like me you are looking for a charger for you vehicle that might handle charging a tablet, phone, portable speaker, portable ...

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GBB G1 Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone Review #120


GBB reached out and asked that I review their wireless speaker Bluetooth speaker with a microphone.  I was interested in reviewing it for personal and business purposes.  So let’s get to the review. Wireless speakers are a big thing in the tech industry.  Just walk into Best Buy and take a look at their wireless speaker collection.  And with more ...

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#103: HD500 1080P Spy Pen Camera Review by a Private Investigator

Teton Webstores reached out to me at the end of 2015 and asked that I conduct a review of their Spy Pen Camera from  Their particular model for this camera is the HD500.  Though I have reviewed a spy pen camera in the past I was particularly interested in their version of it because their model allowed for covering up ...

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