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Call Screening Trick With The Whitepages App #133

Whitepages app Tip

There was a time when I never received telemarketing or scam calls on my cell phone.  I knew when I received a call on my cell phone it was from someone I knew.   Now I receive at least a few a day on my cell phone and I don’t answer my phone anymore unless I recognize the number. Not answering ...

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AUKEY CC-S5 4.8A Dual Port USB Car Charger Review #125


Most investigators work in their vehicles in some manner or another.  Maybe they conduct surveillance in their vehicles or maybe they drive to different locations frequently.  Even if you’re not an investigator you likely drive somewhere. And if you’re like me you are looking for a charger for you vehicle that might handle charging a tablet, phone, portable speaker, portable ...

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What is Skip Tracing? #122

For the record, typically only people in the “people locating” industry use the word Skip Trace.  The word is typically used by private investigators, bounty hunters, debt collectors or anyone else that is looking for an individual. To be honest I have never used the word in my investigative career because no one understands what it means. Skip Tracing Definition ...

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Using a Chromebook for Investigative Work-The Pros and Cons #118


I have been using a Chromebook that I purchased on Amazon for less than $200 and I have been growing increasingly fond of it.  I originally just purchased my Chromebook for blogging as I wanted something lighter, smaller and a computer that could last numerous hours on a single charge. This is something similar to what I purchased. I didn’t ...

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