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What is the Difference Between a Claimant and an Insured? #174

Claimant and insured

What is the Difference Between a Claimant and an Insured? I Didn’t Know at First. What is the difference between a claimant and an insured? When I first became a private investigator working for insurance investigation company many years ago, I use to get the claimant and the insured mixed …

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Night Surveillance – The Struggle is Real for Surveillance Investigators #171

Night Surveillance

Do Private Investigators Conduct Night Surveillance?  I saw that this was being searched for and I didn’t have an article that directly answered this for the general public or future private investigators.  So the quick answer is yes, private investigators conduct surveillance at night.   With that being said, this specific topic …

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Private Investigator Catches Employee Working and Company Settles

Basketball Coach Sue Company

Brian Bennett was on medical leave from Bath Iron Works (BIW) for his bipolar disorder and was found to be working as a paid basketball coach at Morse High School after BIW, a General Dynamics Company hired a private investigator to follow Mr. Bennett. BIW stated they were never made …

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