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The Pros and Cons of Taking Dogs on Surveillance Assignments #145

Taking Dogs on Surveillance

My helpers on an early morning surveillance today! Love my PI Dogs. #PrivateInvestigator #Surveillance #Cheaters — Crucial Investgation (@CrucialInvestPI) March 13, 2017 This picture prompted a topic that I thought should be talked about if you are considering taking dogs on surveillance assignments or any investigative assignment.  I come …

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10 Funny Tweets For Private Investigators

Funny Tweets for Private Investigators

Being a private investigator is a serious job. And with it being a serious job I don’t think investigators make light publicly enough about what we do. There isn’t enough lighthearted talk especially in public. I try to be as lighthearted as I can but I think there needs to …

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Can a Private Investigator Follow You to Your Children’s School? #143

School House

The title of this article was changed to more clearly reflect a question I found that was search for. The question searched for was “Can private investigators stalk you at your kids school?  Typically people who don’t know anything about private investigators use the word stalking when it comes to …

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Can Private Investigators Run License Plates? #141

License Plate Search

People frequently ask if private investigators have access to databases or have access to information the general public does not have.  More specifically they wonder if private investigators have access to license plate information.   Private investigators have the same access to information as the general public does in most …

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How Much Does a Private Investigator Deal With People if Only Doing Surveillance? #138

Neighbors confronting a private investigator

I received an email from a reader and among the many questions that the reader asked me one question caught my attention. The reader stated: …I have looked into being a Private Investigator before, but the idea of having to interview strangers all day turned me off. Aside from that, …

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The Most Used Apps I Use as a Private Investigator and for Regular Life #136

Private Investigator apps

There are plenty of fun and interesting apps that are practical for private investigators which I will list in a future article but for this article I wanted to share the apps that I use on a daily basis.  These apps are the ones that I use every day in …

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CamRom 720P Wifi/IP Security Camera with H.264 IR Night Vision Review #130

CamRom Surveillance Camera

Security cameras come in all different shapes and sizes and can have a variety of capabilities.  This camera arrived in a small box and looked quite appealing.  The camera is square shaped with rounded edges a control button on the top, micro SD card slot in the back, mini USB …

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