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What is the Definition of a Private Investigator? What does a Private Investigator Do? #119


What is the definition of a private investigator and what does a private investigator do? A private investigator can mean something different to different people and we go by many names.  Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a private investigator as,” :  a person not a member of a police force who is licensed …

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A Practical Use for Quadcopters During a Surveillance for Private Investigators- #117


A private investigator in Oregon responded to my video titled, Drones for Surveillance. Are Private Investigators Using Them? The video was basically the video version of an article I had written about the topic of drones for private investigators. The Oregon investigator messaged me the following: Andrew, I am a …

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#106: Turning Down A Private Investigation Employment Opportunity

Before we begin the story.. If you have followed me for a while you know that my objectives in the investigative industry have changed temporarily due to my family situation over the past few years.  We don’t have daycare for my children and my wife and I work our schedules …

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Oregon Private Investigator License- How to Become a Licensed Private Investigator in Oregon

Before you consider pursuing your private investigation license in the state of Oregon it is important to determine if you even need a license.  Here is how you determine if you need one. Oregon states the definition of an investigator means you are a person in the business of obtaining, …

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Wicked Tuna Reality Show Star Pleads Guilty to Disability Fraud

For those of you who don’t have television or don’t follow the news closely you might have missed this story back in 2015. It was originally reported by several news sources that a reality show cast member, 50 year old Paul Hebert of Gloucester, Massachusetts from “Wicked Tuna” was indicted …

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#104: Private Investigator Weapons – What Weapons Are Being Used – Podcast #69

A viewer of one of my videos asked if I could discuss two topics.  The first topic he wanted me to discuss was surveillance vehicles.  Luck for me I already discussed the topic and anyone else interested in my thoughts on it can click here for that blog, podcast and …

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#101: A Year in Review for the P.I. Advice Blog- Not the Most Productive

At the end of every year I receive statistics as to what were the most popular articles for the year, which articles were commented on the most and when articles were posted.  Boy, was I surprised at the lack of articles written for the website this year but after some …

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