Monthly Blog update

#63: April 2013 P.I. Podcast, Blog, Video and Business Review

In this blog I review the things that happened in April of 2013 with my business and the P.I. Advice network.  I give some insight to my struggles, victories and what I learned. Private Investigation Business April was a surprisingly busy month.  I received more work from clients that typically don’t assign very much and less from the companies that ...

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#31: July Private Investigator Blog Review and News

July was a very interesting month for this Private Investigator Advice Blog and for my private investigation business.  This article sums up what happened in July of 2012 and some new things happening. On the business side I have gone from being very busy to extremely slow, and if you know the insurance investigation business, you are aware that summer ...

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#21: Private Investigator Blog update for the Month of April.

April has come and gone and this blog has made some big leaps in the last month.  I have soo many tips I want to share with investigators in the industry and ones considering entering the industry.   The only thing keeping me from sharing more is the amount of time in the day which is typically consumed by school, my ...

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