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The Story of a Surveillance Where a Client Provided Too Much Help #109

Surveillance Story

Investigators Don’t Mind a Little Help Client information or help during an investigation can many times mean the difference between a successful investigation and one that is average, or one that fails. If a client provides limited information then it will require more work for the investigator to prepare or be prepared for a surveillance.  The more leg work that ...

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#108: Disagreeing With Other Private Investigators

Private Investigators disagreeing

I see private investigators (generally speaking) as Alphas;  they think for themselves and they are vigilant when it comes to policing the private investigation industry.  In more cases than not they work alone and have to rely on themselves to get the job done.  We also have different philosophies on how files should be worked (legally of course). There are ...

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GPS Device Assisted in Catching a Police Chief’s Affair – Private Investigator News Podcast #41

Private Investigator Surveillance Picture Play in new window | Download From the written by Conor  at the Atlantic Mass Surveillance of All Car Trips is Nearly Upon Us This article discusses how the Department of Homeland Security is exploring the ability to obtain a national license plate recognition database.  This would allow law enforcement to identify subjects of ongoing criminal investigations. Furthermore ...

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Can a Photographed Key be Copied? Tech Tuesday – P.I. Podcast #40

Private Investigator Podcast Play in new window | Download A key that can be photographed can be copied Can a photographed key be copied?  According to the Gizmodo article the answer is yes.  Of course it takes a bit of know how,  some depth and space charts.  The article discusses more of what needs to be done to make sure you can ...

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Private Investigator News and Stories- P.I. Advice Podcast #31

pi podcast #31 picture

Private Investigation news and stories from around the world will be something new added to the private investigator advice website and podcast.  I won’t cover or share every news item I come across but I will try to share stories that relate as closely to the private investigation industry as possible. In this 31st episode of the Private Investigator Advice ...

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Sometimes it’s Better to be Lucky Than to be Good – An Investigation Story Shared-P.I. Advice Podcast #29

Better to be lucky than good pic Play in new window | Download The phrase, “Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.”, can be very true when it comes to being a private investigator.  Sometimes we stumble across information that makes us look amazing at our job. Other than paying attention, sometimes we do little and the information we need comes right to us.  ...

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A Career Question Answered and a Surveillance That Went Terribly Wrong- Private Investigator Advice Podcast #28

Private Investigator Podcast Play in new window | DownloadI received two very detailed emails this month that I thought were worth sharing in the podcast.  One deals with a possible transition from a very stable well paying job to becoming a private investigator.  The second email was from an investigator who’s surveillance went terribly wrong.  Hope you enjoy this episode of the ...

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Surveillance in Bar – An Investigation Story and the Lessons Learned. Private Investigator Podcast #26

Private Investigator Podcast 26 Play in new window | DownloadIn this private investigator podcast I discuss several things but the main topic is conducting surveillance in a bar.  You may have already read the Bar Surveillance article but if you haven’t I have shared this story and lessons learned in this podcast.  I will continue writing and podcasting more about this in the future. ...

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