Insurance Fraud

Are All Cases Fraudulent That are Worked by a Insurance Investigator? #135


Is every case worked by an investigator because the insurance company believes the claim is fraudulent? Some people believe it is.  Even some investigators believe this to be true.  But the truth is that much of the work I do in the insurance investigation field doesn’t relate to fraud at all. Much of Insurance Work is About Information Collecting I ...

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Wicked Tuna Reality Show Star Pleads Guilty to Disability Fraud

For those of you who don’t have television or don’t follow the news closely you might have missed this story back in 2015. It was originally reported by several news sources that a reality show cast member, 50 year old Paul Hebert of Gloucester, Massachusetts from “Wicked Tuna” was indicted for federal fraud charges. During episodes of the television show ...

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