Cost of starting a private investigation business

Private Investigator Websites and the Marketing Impact – Private Investigator Advice Podcast # 27

An email from a reader regarding choosing the right domain and a new sponsor inspired me to discuss the importance of a website.  I provide some tips that I believe are important when you decide to create a website for your business. I get passionate about this topic because I …

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What I spent to start a Private Investigation Business – P.I. Advice Podcast #20

In this episode of the Private Investigator Advice Podcast I talk about my initial cost when starting my private investigation business.  Many future business owners don’t know what the potential cost may be so I wanted to shed some light on the subject. If you don’t know the equipment I …

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#62: Cost of Starting a Private Investigation Business. This is what I paid

When starting any business a future business owner wants to know what the potential cost of doing business each year will be.  The initial cost to start doing business for me was small because I had some of the equipment needed before I pursued my own business license.  Hopefully after …

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