Call Screening Trick With The Whitepages App #133

There was a time when I never received telemarketing or scam calls on my cell phone.  I knew when I received a call on my cell phone it was from someone I knew.   Now I receive at least a few a day on my cell phone and I don’t answer my phone anymore unless I recognize the number.

Not answering my phone is a bit tricky when waiting for return calls from people I have been trying to reach for investigative purposes, and receiving phone calls from potential clients.

I have written about Whitepages app in the past but there is a function on the Whitepages app that I almost use daily to screen calls (after they have called).

There are 4 options to choose from on the main menu of the Whitepages app:

  • People
  • Business
  • Phone
  • Address


This lets you search for people by name and city.


This lets you search for businesses.


This lets you reverse search addresses.

Whitepages doesn’t always have the most accurate information and they have changed some things on their site in the attempt to make more profit.  With that being said sometimes I find some information I can use during an investigation.  But that isn’t why I wrote about this app, keep reading.



This one lets you reverse search phone numbers but the app also keeps a log of incoming calls to your phone.  So if you receive a call from a number you don’t recognize and you don’t answer it you can go into this app and click on the number listed in the call log (because Whitepages keeps track of your incoming calls on the app).

But it gets better.

Whitepages has an option for people to comment on the phone number if they determine it to be a telemarketer or scam call.  Those comments are then kept and shared with others on the app.  The comments show the date and time the comments were left so you know if the phone number has been recently commented on.

Typically I see comments related to people receiving ROBO Calls (automated calls).  All these types of calls are typically related to some sort of telemarketing.

Here is how to get to it:

Whitepages app
Click Phone


Select the phone number you want to check


Whitepage #3
Scroll Down


Whitepages #4
Find out if it is a telemarketer or someone you know

Final Thoughts on the Whitepages app

I seriously use the Whitepages app nearly every day to filter the calls I receive.  It will save you some time as well when it comes to returning valid calls verses scam type calls.

If you have a tip like this that makes your life a bit easier be sure to let me know about it.  Here is a link to the Whitepages App.



  1. I’ve found some success with simply using google.

    But the trick is to use quotes on either side of the number. “555-123-4567”.

    It’ll list if a number has been reported in the search results. Most times you won’t have to click any links.

    Every so often, you’ll get a treasure trove of accurate info.

    • Thanks Matt. I agree, when you want to find out more information about a phone number using Google like you mentioned is a great way to find it. This trick is geared towards finding out if the person calling you is a scammer or telemarketer so you know whether to return the call or not. Whitepages connects to you incoming call log to make that an easy process.