#35: August Private Investigator Blog, Business and Podcast Review

Welcome to the monthly blog, video, business and podcast review. This is where I talk about the ups and downs of my business along with marketing and SEO efforts I make each month. Additionally I review the month’s articles, videos, and the podcast episodes. Why is there a review?
1.) Not everyone is able to read every article on here. The monthly review allows me to summarize various topics discussed each month so that readers can check out the content if it interests them.

2.) I want to be honest about how my business is doing so you know how much effort is put into the business verses what I get in return.

3.) This section gives me the opportunity to:

  • Respond to questions
  • Thank sources that have carried articles
  • Thank those who have re-tweeted or shared my articles

4.) I want to remind readers of videos or podcast episodes they may have missed.

The blog covers topics from deciding whether being a private investigator is a good career choice to different steps to take when beginning your private investigation business. Of course I cover practical investigation techniques along the way.

What Happened in August

If you recall in July I reformatted my business website to have a much cleaner and more professional look. I made video during that time to show how my website ranked in the search engine using several tools such as Market Samurai, SEO Rank  and a plug in called Rank Checker which is a  tool on my website. I promised to report some of my findings.

Private Investigation Business News

Within the first week of  August I received 5 calls for investigative work with varying requests.  I also received more advertisement calls then normal in August as well. One advertising business wanting to sell me advertising space. Another was a golf course in the Tacoma area. The golf course wanted to sell me advertising space on a ball washer for one year. To be honest it was very tempting and the price was just about right. After some though however, I decided against it as I didn’t have any data to prove that there would be any return on the investment despite the amount of traffic that would potentially see the sign.

Interesting Note: Many calls have not come as a result of being ranked in Google. The calls have come through the Super Pages directory where I am ranked #2 on the list. My website is on the listing so my website changes must be making a difference as to whether someone calls or contacts me for my services.

I did receive a call from a potential client that asked me if I was part of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This was not something I had actually considered but apparently it was very important to the client. I may have lost out on potential work due to not being a part of the BBB. If this question is asked again, it may be something that I seriously consider.

I am pleased to say work has picked back up. I am always happy when a client returns because it means that they trust me and like the work that I am doing for them. Trust is a very important aspect of being a private investigator. If you can’t be trusted, you won’t be working in the business very long.


The reader amounts for the Private Investigator Advice Blog are growing at a steady pace, which is the result of  Google search results, other private investigation referrals or sources and through return visitors. There are many more readers signing up to get the latest blog in their email which I think is pretty cool.

I forgot to mention 411LAW last month when they gave the website a retweet. They stated in the tweet,” FraudPITacoma is a Tacoma, WA P.I. posting great material for private investigators on his blog: https://www.privateinvestigatoradvicehq.com/ ”.

Additionally I was contacted by Pursuit Magazine to republish two articles for their magazine.  At the end of August the Private Investigator Equipment List For Surveillance and the Why Domain names are important to your Website was published on their site. A special thanks goes out to Pursuit Magazine for carrying my article on their site. If you have not checked out the site it is something you should consider.


Well if you haven’t read it somewhere else, I pleased to announce that the P.I. Advice podcast is up and running. The first podcast mainly covers my background and history in the industry, what I am going to be sharing on the podcast, and what type of topics that will be covered. The second podcast covers good and bad motivations for being a private investigator.

I remember when I made my first YouTube video. It was very weird for me to see myself on video. For the podcast, it is weird to hear myself talk; I  hear 1,000 umm’s (which I hope to correct over time).

I really want to make sure I am providing value to future private investigators or those considering the profession, existing investigators working for a company and those who are ready to start a private investigation business.

I have already landed a future guest for the podcast, but I will share that when the podcast has been recorded.


The private investigator videos are being cranked out as fast as I can get to them. It’s important that I provide practical value in each video so I am not wasting anyone’s time. Two of the more recent videos were in response to requests that were made by viewers.

How to set the date and time on the 808 Key Chain Camera


Practical Covert Spy Camera Video Techniques for Surveillance

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