#98: 1/4 Inch Screw Mini Ball Head for Monopod Review

I know the first think you are going to ask is what the heck is and how does it work. Let me share with you my experience and thoughts on this inexpensive accessory for you monopod or tripod.

1/4" Screw Tripod Mini Ball Head bracket swivel

The mini ball head adapter for a tripod or monopod is an excellent attachment for a private investigator to have.  The ball head attachment can screw in to a video camera or a DSLR as needed.  The ball head is tightened by a screw and rotates at an angle unless placed into the designated notch which puts the camera at a 90 degree angle.

Since I am more dependent on a monopod than I am a tripod during surveillance I had my monopod in mind when purchasing this adapter.

I have found that there are times when I need lean my monopod in one direction or another and the ball head attachment allows me to do that while keeping the camera level.

The main attachment that screws into your monopod or tripod is made of metal and feels solid.  The top attachment that screws into your camera or video camera is made of plastic but doesn’t have a cheap feeling.  The knob that tightens the ball head is also made of plastic.

The description provided in Amazon (where I purchased this) is as follows:

  • This ball heads can withstand heavy loads, lock solidly, and move smoothly
  • Aiming and horizon leveling can be accomplished as one instinctive motion, and rigid lockup takes just a quick twist of one control.
  • Design to fit all Camera. A variety of lighthouse. Tripod
  • Screw Mount: 1/4″ , 3/8″ thread

1/4" Screw Tripod Mini Ball Head bracket swivel


When a camera is mounted to the ball head attachment and the ball head is loosened you should loosen it slightly to keep tension on the ball so it doesn’t flop to one side or another.

If using this attachment on a monopod I would recommend just leaving it on permanently as there would be no reason to take it off the monopod.

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This thing can be adjusted to several angles when it need a monopod to be flexible.




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This inexpensive attachment for your monopod or tripod allows for more flexibility when it comes to videotaping or photographing.

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