#70: Did You Receive an Email From Me? Email List for Private Investigators

You may or may not have received an email from me.  If you did receive an email from me then you did something to receive it.  If you haven’t received an email and you would like to, then that means there is something you need to do.

What is all this email stuff about?

Several months ago I placed an opt-in for a newsletter on the side bar of the website.  I planned on reaching out to those that subscribed from time to time to either share content or to ask questions from the audience.  I really didn’t know what to expect because most people don’t like to share their email and don’t want to receive a bunch of spam in their email box.  I personally hate when I share my email and then receive an ton of emails from that company trying to sell me something…everyday.

Subscribers have trickled in each month but I kind of forgot that I was collecting those emails.  In fact I hadn’t sent anything to anyone that had subscribed to the email list, until a couple of weeks ago.  So if you have been waiting for an email from me I apologize for taking so long.

So why start emailing now?  Well I checked to see how many subscribers I had to the email list and was surprised to see well over 100 individuals on the list.  I then thought it was a great time to start reaching out to the community to see what they wanted to hear more about and how they consumed the content I provided

Opt-in EmailWhat Did I Find Out?

I found out that I was right about my assumptions.  Many people were only listening to podcast while others enjoyed reading from the blog.  I resonated with podcast only listeners because I myself don’t really enjoy reading unless it is on Audible.com.

Additionally received many emails on topics that listeners and readers wanted to hear more about.  I was pretty stoked to receive as much feedback as I did from the community and I am very thankful for it.

How can an Email List Help you and your Business?

Email lists aren’t new and they have been around for quite a long time.  Many of us try to avoid giving out our email unless we have to or it is going to give important information on things we care about.  I hate giving out my email to any business.

With that being said, what if current and potential clients signed up for your business newsletter through an email list?  You would be able to share promotions, success stories, how your business is expanding, new office locations, news of new staff members and new services.

I personally don’t choose to have an email list for my business website because I really don’t have much to share at this point nor can I share much of what I do.  You might have a lot going on with your company or want any easy way to promote discounts.

If this is something you are interested in I can recommend to ways business to use when starting your email list.

The service I use is Aweber.   Aweber has several different email opt-in widgets like the one on my website which is easy on the eyes and enticing for those who visit a website.  I pay about $20.00 a month for which I can email those on my list an unlimited amount of times and can have up to 500 subscribers.  I don’t think most private investigation businesses need more than 500 but you never know.

The other main stream email opt-in service that I have had some experience with is MailChimp.  This is a free service and they are quite popular with many people.  When I last used it I didn’t think their opt-in templates were very appealing. I think I left the opt-in box on my website for several months with one or two people signing up. This is one of reasons I switched to AWeber.


I do recall MailChimp doing some upgrades on their service so you may find that what they provide suites you and your business.

Regardless of what you choose, I think it will be a benefit to your business in one fashion or another.

If you haven’t already signed up for the Private Investigator Advice Newsletter you can sign up below.  I won’t be spamming you or emailing you every other day.  I don’t have time for that. You will likely get updates of what has been happening on the website and share articles, topics, podcasts or videos you may have missed.  And I might even reach out to you for ideas like I did recently.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find this article helpful.





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