#7 Must Have iPhone Apps for Private Investigators Part 1

If you are a private investigator you know that the life is not glamorous, comfortable, or routine.  We don’t clock in at the same time everyday and we certainly don’t clock out at the same time.  We travel away from our families frequently and the distance varies depending on each assignment we work.  We need information at our fingertips, at a moment’s notice and we need some comforts as well.

I am always trying to keep an eye out for things that will make my life as a private investigator a bit easier.  The recent step that I took in that direction was purchasing an iPhone.  If this is something you are on the fence about, let me assure you that it is a purchase you will not regret.

If you don’t have an iPhone or Smart Phone, you may want one after reading this.  If you do have one, add some of these applications to your collection.

Ring Shuffle is an awesome application I use with the iPhone.  It allows you to give out a temporary phone number that works without giving out your actual number.  Have you met someone that asked for your phone number and you didn’t want to give it to them?  Give them the provided ring shuffle number which is your temporary number.  If they call the temporary number, the call will be automatically transferred to your actual phone number and your phone will ring.  The number will time-out after 7 days or until you decide to change it.  The application is free and so is the service.   You can even make outgoing calls using your temporary number through the application.  The individual receiving your call will only see the temporary number in their caller id.  I typically use Spoof Card to make calls to phones that don’t except blocked calls.  RingShuffle is free and accomplishes the same thing as a spoof card when pretexting.

Directory assistance is always important.  We want to search names, addresses, and businesses frequently.  We don’t always have a laptop in front of us to conduct these searches, so lucky for us there are apps available.

WhitePages.com has two free apps I would suggest adding to your phone.  The first one is White Pages Mobile.  This app is available for the Android, Blackberry and Windows phones.  If you have every used Whitepages.com you will be very comfortable with the navigation as it is very user friendly.  You can search people, businesses, addresses and reverse search phone numbers.  The second one that is also made by Whitepages.com is the called Reverse Phone.  This app goes straight to a number pad which saves a bit of time.  You then enter in any phone number you wish to search.  Both applications are free.

Zillow.com has an application on the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones.  Zillow give you a brief history of a residence such as square footage, the year it was built, map location, pictures (if available), property information from the owner (if provided), and a brief sales history.  I don’t use this application often but it never hurts to have another tool on hand.  This is a free application.

Another application that has blasted on to the scene is SQUARE.  Square is an application combined with a small credit card swipe device that allows you to take payments from your iPhone.  One common obstacle for a private investigation agency or any small business is the different ways payments are received.  Now anyone or any business can receive payment right from their phone.  All that is required is a signature from the person making payment and an email address or phone number.  A receipt is then sent to their email or in a text (whatever they choose). If someone pays in cash, a receipt can be sent to the buyer.  Square charges 2.75% per swipe for Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover cards.  There are no contracts and funds are deposited the next day into your account.  I have already talked with several small business owners using this application and they are very pleased with it.  Save some money and sign up on their website www.squareup.com.  They will send you a free credit card reader.

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  1. RingShuffle works great. Just don’t forget to change your voice mail greeting. I have an iPhone that is used only for anonymous contact or anonymous call-ins and this is great. You can even set up a different number for expected calls from different people. Thanks for the info.

  2. Andy,

    The Ring Shuffle app does not work in Hawaii. Thank you anyway for the information.

    • I am sorry it doesn’t work for you out there. What is the reason it isn’t working? I am sure other readers would like to know.

  3. Hi,

    Nice article…Thanks for sharing this…This is something to watch as it has some interesting applications for the Investigator. Of course some people will think the sky is falling due to the mere existence of this app, but the technological genie was let out of the bottle a long time ago.

    Gurpreet Mann

    • It is true that some people will be shocked to hear about some of these iPhone applications but it is good news for the private investigator. I am sure that more and more applications will be available in the near future to help us do our job.
      Thanks for taking the time to respond to the article Gurpreet.


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  6. I’ve been using Ring Shuffle for about a year now, and it’s been great.

    However, recently I’ve been finding that some area codes that used to be available to use, are no longer viable. Guess that’s the caveat when something becomes popular!