#67: 17 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

I wanted to share something slightly different with you on this blog.  I wanted to tell you a little bit more about who I am along with some things from my past that may or may not entertain you to some degree.  If you have any questions be sure to comment below.

1.  I am/was a Brown Belt in Isshinryu Karate

Yes, many years ago I was involved in karate and competed in tournaments from time to time.  I was pretty good however I eventually stopped lessons due being involved in #3.  It should be noted that my wife informed me that I can not consider myself a brown belt anymore as it has been over 20 years since taking lessons.  I disagree with my wife.

army2.  I’m a Army Veteran

My MOS (job) was a 31F (Network Switching Systems Operator and Maintainer). I spent the majority of my enlistment in Fort Hood ,Texas in the 4th Infantry Division.  This was a great time in my life. I was able to serve my country, learn about myself and make lifelong friends.  I would recommend the military to anyone that doesn’t know what they want to be or doesn’t know what career to pursue.

 3.  I Wrestled in High School and 1 Year of College

I was a decent wrestler and really enjoyed it.  I spent a couple of years coaching after I got out of high school.

4.  I Really Dislike School

Sounds weird but unless the topic is something I am interested in, it is very difficult for me to learn the material. 

 5.  I’ve Lived in Washington, Texas, Georgia and California

I lived in Texas and Georgia while in the Army and I had a lot of great times while living in those states.  I grew up in California and quite frankly you just can’t beat the weather there.  I moved to Washington so my wife could be closer to her family and because house prices at the time were outstanding.

6.  I Love Playing Darts

It sounds a bit nerdy but it is something I have been interested in since I was 18 years old.  My dad participated in some dart leagues when I was a kid  so I started doing it when I got older.  I like one on one competition more than team events because I am not relying on anyone but myself to succeed.  It’s kind of like investigation work to some degree.

7.  I Worked Full Time While Getting my Associates and Bachelors Degree

I am very proud of the fact that I made it through school and got my Bachelors degree.  It was a very good experience and I learned quite a bit.  I do however hate the large school loans associated with my degree. 

8.  I am not Attracted to Reading Fiction Books but Love to Learn About Things that Make me Better at my Job

I figure if I am going to read aka (learn) it should be something that helps me excel at my job, podcast or with my website.  As you know I listen to many books on audible and have learned a great deal while driving. 

9.   I Like to Sing with My Kids (at home or in the car)

No I am not a great singer…well maybe in my own mind.  My children bring out a different side of me that is not seen by many.  So when a good song comes on I will sing along with the kids as best I can. 

10.   I Don’t Make Friends Easily

To be fair I don’t really try.  Most of my time is wrapped up with work or family. My wife is my best friend and I consider my brother and a few Army buddies to be the closest friends I have.  And let’s be real.  I sit in my car 10 or more hours a day and don’t communicate with anyone.  This job can make it difficult to meet new people.

 11.  I Enjoy Teaching

The catch with teaching is that I have to keep learning myself.  This can be challenging sometimes.

12.  My First Car was a 69 Camaro

I just love the 60’s series Camaro.  My father’s first car was a 68 Camaro and I always knew I wanted my first car to be a Camaro.  I have recently become fond of the new Camaros as they resemble the old ones.

13.  I Spent About 600 dollars on a Suite That I Only Wore Twice

Probably something I will never do again but both times I wore it was for an interview. Did I get the jobs?  The first interview was for a sales position within the investigation company I was already working for.  I didn’t get the job, nor did anyone else. They just decided to go in a different direction. 

The second interview was for a call receiver at a 911 call center.  I got the job but that is another story.

14.  I Have no Fashion Sense 

Once upon a time  (while working loss prevention for Gap Inc.) I dressed up pretty good.  As time has passed and I have worked in my car I haven’t had to dress up for anyone on a regular basis.  My wardrobe is pretty blah now.  I’m a guy so it’s ok, right?

15.  I am a Father and Husband

I enjoy being a father and husband more than anything.  I work hard so that I can spend more time with my family when I am not working. 

16.  My Dream Occupation Would be to Teach Investigation Rather Than be in the Field

The catch is that things are always changing in the industry so it is beneficial to maintain those skills, as well as learn new ones, by actually doing the work.  One of the driving forces behind this is the fact that I would much rather stay home and telecommuting to work than to have to leave for extended periods of times just to make a living.

17.  I Played the Violin in Elementary School

I wasn’t very good and I never learned to read music but I enjoyed it for that period of time nonetheless.

 I hope you learned something new about me that you didn’t already know.  I thought it would be fun to share some things that you might never hear me talk about.   

 Thank you for reading the blog, listening to the podcast, watching the videos and asking questions.  I am very blessed to have the audience I do have.  With that being said I want to say thank you.





  1. Fascinating! Almost all of those are believable. 🙂
    You didn’t mention what your degree is in but the former karate student and army vet notes don’t surprise me. I also never liked school unless it was a subject I personally had interest in. And I will volunteer to be your new friend.