#54: Private Investigator Blog, Podcast, Video and Business Review for January 2013

Many interesting things happened in January 2013. Below is a recap of the blog, podcast and videos for the month.


Fortified Investigative Services had a very slow month.  I had some work but it was nothing like the summer in 2012.  Even though I expect the beginning months of every year to be slow, I can’t help but be slightly concerned.  I have stumbled upon many private investigator posts in the Yahoo forums asking others if it is slow for them as well.  The answer received typically ends up being yes.

If you are slow in your business, now is a great time to work on your website, marketing materials, marketing, and search engine optimization.  Just know that you are not alone and many others are a bit slow in their business as well.

Private Investigator Podcast

A miracle happened in the month of January.  I managed to make 4 podcasts.  I don’t know whether I just had a lot say or I became highly motivated.  Either way I enjoyed making them.  Another mile stone is that the podcast had 939 downloads.  It was great to see that people continue to listen and gain value from the podcast.

I know I personally listen to other podcasts on the way to my cases because it passes the time while I gain some knowledge.  I hope my podcast can do the same for you.

Even though it is fun for me to see many people are listening, I would be happy if only a few listened and what they heard helped them in their private investigation career.

Private Investigator Blog Topics

Of the 11 posts in the month of January, 6 where articles.  Below is a list of links to those articles if you missed them.  Sometimes the inspiration for some of the articles comes from people who land on the website from search terms that I know are not addressed on the website, questions asked and other times it’s just want I think readers would be interested in.  Enjoy.

Private Investigator Videos

Private Investigation equipment is important to any investigator that cares about the quality of his or her work.  So to further share the type of equipment I use or recommend, I made two review videos in January.  Below are the two videos.  If there are any videos you would like to see make sure to contact me through the Facebook page or the contact page.

New Additions

While trying to keep things new and exciting for the website I added a chat function.  This will give others a chance to talk to each other or to me if I am online.  Over the next couple of months I will checking in on the site to see if it is being used.  The chat will be on the bottom right corner of the site.

private investigator chat




The Private Investigator Advice Podcast is now a part of the SPITBALL.TV pocast network.  Check out the video below to hear some out takes.


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