#47: December review for the Private Investigator Advice Blog, Podcast, Videos, and business

I am writing this article on December 31, 2012 and I am a bit disappointed on how little I was able to accomplish for the P.I. Advice network. I had anticipated having a significant amount of time during the holidays to chip away at some more content. Unfortunately on Christmas Eve I can down with a cold that pretty much had me sleeping for the past 7 days.

The P.I. Business

I kept pretty busy up until about a week before Christmas. I had purposely planned not to work for the last two weeks to spend time with my family during the holidays. I have received a few calls for work but nothing is official just yet. As I expect every year, January is typically a pretty slow month for surveillance work. I am financially prepared to make it through a couple of slow months, and I am hoping that this year taxes are kind to me.

P.I. Advice Blog

This month I wrote a few articles that I was very motivated to write about. I do however have more articles than I will admit that are either half written or are sitting with only a topic at the top of the page. Aside from that, below are some notable posts from the month of December.

What to do if you are being followed by a P.I.
P.I. Advice Blog turns 1
How to Start a P.I. Business
Front or back seat surveillance? The Pros and Cons of both.

If you haven’t read the articles I hope you get a chance to do so. If you have any questions I could answer in an article feel free to contact me through Facebook or the Contact page.

P.I. Advice Podcast

I was able to put out a podcast in late November and late December. Both podcast episodes were very much listener driven because I was able to answer questions in both podcast episodes. To be truthful I would much rather talk about questions you have then to come up with topics. It’s just easier for me to put a show together to be quite honest.

In the November podcast I specifically focused on the questions that had been asked of me throughout the month.  In the December podcast I answered a question but it allowed me to talk about a topic that I know many private investigators are interested in. That topic is Transitioning to a private investigation business. I basically explain how I am transitioning and essentially have transitioned from employee to a self employed business owner.

Private Investigator Videos

In the Month of December I posted 4 videos to assist up-and-coming private investigators as well as current private investigators.

P.I. Book Review – I had several requests in the past for book reviews. I felt that it was better to talk about the books in a video to show that I actually owned the book I was recommending. I could probably expand my P.I. Library in the future.

Screen Shots you can CropI discovered a new way to take screen shots and actually crop the picture as you take the screen shot. I was pretty excited about it because I didn’t have to purchase any additional software and it is quite easy to do. Be sure to click link above to see the video.

Initial Surveillance Video – Obtaining initial video in a specific manner will help you look good for your clients/employer and will actually help you during your investigation. This video shows the basics of obtaining video when you first observe you subject or claimant.

Spoofing or Changing your out going phone number – Finally, changing your caller id number is something that is searched for quite frequently. In this video I show how to use SPOOF CARD to change your outgoing phone number. I use this card quite a bit during my investigations and it is very cheap to purchase. If you think this is something that will come in handy, I have an affiliate link on the P.I. Advice website you can click on to link you directly to the Spoof Card website.

That essentially wraps up what has happened in December. I hope everyone has a very successful and safe 2013.

Take care,