#43: October Private Investigator Blog, Business and Podcast Revew

Was it me or did October take forever to finish?  I don’t know why it felt like it took so long to get through that month but I am glad to be through it.  A few things worth noting happened last month and as you know I typically wait for the monthly review blog post to talk about it.


Business was good in the month of October.  I had more than enough work and it was probably one of the reasons why the month felt like it just dragged on.  I did a few overnight trips in October for work but there have certainly been months that I have traveled more.  My clients appear to be happy with my work and I feel blessed that I am able to provide my clients with positive results.


In months where I am constantly working and things are very busy, I sometimes let areas of my business slip.  An example of slipping would be not calling  a potential client looking to hire an investigator.  This month there were two calls in particular that I received during the work day and it was not an appropriate time to return their calls.  After two very busy days of work I had felt too much time had passed to return their calls.  I wasn’t overly concerned about not returning their call as there are plenty of qualified investigators in my area which I am sure they had contacted.  And to be honest, there was not a day available in my schedule to fit any extra work in.

Typically when I don’t have time for any extra work I refer the work to other trusted professionals in the area.  I then have some piece of mind that the client’s needs are going to be met in a responsible  way.  Some of those referrals are from long time working relationships and others through WALI.  I would like to work on more of my time management so things like that don’t happen again.  I don’t want to get the reputation of being the private investigation company that does not call anyone back.


I put out a couple of podcasts this month.  It’s one of those things I really have to plan out and make time for.  If it wasn’t for a couple of listeners and blog readers keeping on me about the podcast, I might not have gotten around to it.  A special thanks goes out to them because the extra motivation helped.

I have a couple of ideas in the hopper for future podcast episodes but I am always looking for ideas.  If you have any questions that I can put into on the podcast I would love to hear them.


At the end of October to the beginning of November I took a few days off for a family get away. It’s important to remember what all the hard work is for, which for me is being able to spend more time with my family.  We spent the night at a really cool resort called the Great Wolf Lodge.  This place is amazing with an indoor water park, bedrooms with a kid’s cabin inside the room, a kid and adult  salon, an arcade, and a ton more.  It was some really good family time.

Now November is upon us and I am already booked for most of the month.  I am really looking forward to some time with the family around Thanksgiving.  It feels like this year is just flying by (even though October was slow).  I always look forward to family time because it just feels like sometimes there is not enough of it.


If you listen to my last podcast you heard about the Fitness Pal application I started using again.  The P.I diet has not been mastered yet but it is getting better. I have been eating lots of salads and chicken.  I found that Jack in the Box has a pretty good chef salad which is low in calories,  so when I have been on the road I have been eating a ton of those salads.

A former coworker of mine once told me that you can’t eat something if it is not in the car with you during surveillance. If you are in your car for 10 hours you are likely to eat whatever you have brought with you. This is just something to remember when doing surveillance.


My business website jumped up towards the top of the rankings after a few of my blogs were carried by other investigative websites.  Then Google made some adjustments with their algorithms and my ranking has been bouncing around from near the top of the first page to the bottom.  I am sure it will stabilize eventually but it is a bit frustrating at times.  I haven’t posted blogs on my business website since the first one.  I have some blogs in mind that will cater to potential clients, it just comes down to writing them.

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As always I thank you for taking the time to read the blog, watch the videos and listen to the podcast.  Take care,