#31: July Private Investigator Blog Review and News

July was a very interesting month for this Private Investigator Advice Blog and for my private investigation business.  This article sums up what happened in July of 2012 and some new things happening.

On the business side I have gone from being very busy to extremely slow, and if you know the insurance investigation business, you are aware that summer is the busiest time for an investigator. Due to the recent slow down, I have had additional time to invest more into my website and to document and share what I am doing with you to make my website look better. With that being said make sure to see the video below which shows previous internet rankings, the “before” version of my website and the look of competing websites.


In the month of July my surveillance vehicles article was picked up by the PI Newswire. Many new visitors found this site as a result of the PI Newswire carrying that article. Thank you again PI Newswire.


If you have read Focusing this Blog and Private Investigator Website Struggles you have an idea of the improvements that I have made to my business website, and the for those of you who have not read the articles, they are worth taking a look at. More importantly I am keeping track of business calls since the remake of the website. I can tell you that at this moment the calls for business have increased dramatically and I am looking forward to the next several months when I can report the statistical difference it has made.


There are many exciting articles in the works. I really want to focus this blog on those individuals interested in being a private investigator and provide them with the information they need to get their first job or at the very least get the ball rolling.  I will continue to write articles that provide advice and tips to current investigators. In addition there will be articles that help you start your own business on the right foot by learning from my mistakes.


More recently I have been creating videos that compliment this blogs content. I enjoy making these videos and believe they are truly helpful to new, existing and future private investigators. I have also been contemplating a podcast, but I am unsure about undertaking that adventure just yet.  Newly uploaded videos can always be accessed from the side bar located on the right or in the P.I. Video Tip Gallery.


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Thanks for reading.