#22: Must have iPhone Apps for the Private Investigator #4

iPhone apps are quickly becoming one of my most favorite topics in this blog especially as it relates to private investigators.  I honestly can’t wait to share the new ones I come across.  That being said I was able to find some iPhone applications that are very practical in the life of a private investigator.  I would download each of them and see if they are practical for you.  I hope you enjoy these applications and find them useful.


I was introduced to this application not long ago and have used it for communicating with some old Army buddies.  Many people are familiar with Google plus and how you share things with specific groups.  In this particular application you can video chat with no just one person but 9 individuals at once.  Essentially the individual talking (and talking louder than the others) during the video conference call will be the visible on to the group.  Though I don’t have a huge team of investigators to do this with, this is definitely an application that has some potential in the right hands.  This application is available for the iPhone and Android.


This application allows you phone to act as a walkie talkie.  There is a push to talk button.  One of the great features is it actually records you walkie talkie conversation.  Not only can you talk on it but there is text messaging, you can share photos and even your location.  Apparently there is group chatting and Facebook integration however I have not used those functions personally.  The reason I came across this application is because I was preparing for a two investigator surveillance and we were discussing who was going to bring the walkie talkies.  The other investigator said to use this application and another one that is also mentioned in this blog.  We tested it out and I like it.  This application does not use your minutes and does all this cool stuff over data.  Of course the catch with this application is that you need a cell phone or wifi connection to use this application.  In addition there are no ads that you have to look at.  So check out this application and see if it is something you can use in your business.

An easy way to take notesEVERNOTE –

If you take notes then Evernote may be the application you need.   If you don’t take notes, you may start doing so after checking out Evernote.  I started using this application about 6 months ago to keep track different topics of blog articles that I thought would be useful to other private investigators.  I would use the application on my phone to record a note with my voice, type a note or take a picture of something I wanted to remember.  When I got in range of my computer with the same application on it, the notes from my phone would sync with my computer and they would transfer on to my computer without me having to do anything.  After the notes were on my computer I could refer to them.  If I write notes on the Evernote program the notes would be available on my phone as well.  I use this application frequently and I am sure you will too after taking a look at it.


If you haven’t heard of Google Voice then you need to Google it.  Google Voice is a free phone number from Google.  The Google Voice number is forwarded to any phone number you designate.  You are able to hear voices messages as they are being left, and receive transcribed voice mail text messages.  When this program first came out it was not seamless and as user friendly as I wanted it to be.  I am pleased to say this is much more user friendly with the Google Voice application.  If you can’t afford to have a business land line then I suggest you get a Google Voice number and use this application.  I use this application on my iPhone and I am able to call out from the Google Voice number

I hope you enjoy these apps as much as I do.  I do have another iPhone application list in the works but I need to test some of the apps before making any official comments on them.  If you know of an app that hasn’t been talked about and has been beneficial to you, comment on this article and let us know about it.


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  1. Very useful. We always use Evernote and find it incredibly useful. I would like to give Voxer a try.

    For administration and general file sharing the whole google package is free and very useful. Google drive in particular is good for agents to share reports with our admin team. Media fire is useful to share large documents such as video with clients.

    • Thanks for the comment IPIA. I agree Voxer is a nice alternative to texting or calls. As for file sharing on Google drive, I personally would be worried as to have sensitive information on there. I haven’t heard of Media Fire. I use Yousendit/Hightail to send large files like videos to clients. I has worked very well for me over the past couple of years.