#21: Private Investigator Blog update for the Month of April.

April has come and gone and this blog has made some big leaps in the last month.  I have soo many tips I want to share with investigators in the industry and ones considering entering the industry.   The only thing keeping me from sharing more is the amount of time in the day which is typically consumed by school, my family and my day job.

Small milestones for this blog

This blog has reached 20 posts

Twenty posts for this blog is a big number for me.  I hope the current posts have provided tips that you can use in your business or private investigation career.  There is soo much more I have to share with the private investigation community and much more I plan on doing with this blog to help others.  I am kicking around some thoughts that would make this blog even more different from anything you will ever come across.  Stay tuned…

This blog has been found by more searches and referral sources

This blog is ranking higher and higher in the search engines as time passes and more content is written.  Many private investigation agencies have blogs on their websites to share highlights about their employees and how they have helped their clients. I don’t do this yet, but this is a great way to get noticed by the search engines and I would recommend this if you have the time to do it.  I currently rank number one for a few keywords and have several referral website driving and directing traffic to this site.  I am honored to be referred by other websites.  I have also added a map that shows where people are from that find this website.  The site is averaging a little over 10 new visitors a day which is quite exciting.

A new referral website, http://www.confidentialresource.com/ has a link to this website now.  There is quite a bit of information on this website.  Private Investigator Advice is listed on the side bar under Private Investigation.

If you haven’t checked out http://www.getprivateinvestigatorjobs.com, this is a website that shows job listings in the industry. The link to this site is listed under resources. Several other blogs are listed in the resource area.

Private Investigation Business Update

On the business front all is well however I still need to move up the rankings in the search results.  I have considered aiming for more specific keywords in Google results to search for a more specific type of client.  I haven’t determined what to do on that front at the moment.  I am blessed to have various contacts to keep me busy.

School Update

I have one class left before I finish college. I can’t wait to for the date where I can say I have graduated.  Even after I graduate I will be continuing my education and will let you know the new education path I take.

The rest of the month was consumed by vacationing with the family.  My vacation with my family has been overdue.  Family time for me is what all the hard work is for.   The summer months are coming up which means more business (at least that is the trend over the past 10 years).  Feel free to drop by and say high at the new Facebook site for this blog.  I am hoping it becomes a resource where investigators are willing to share tips with others in the industry.

If you have any thoughts or ideas for an article, feel free to let me know through the contact page or through the Facebook page.

New and Upcoming

iPhone Applications- The article following this update will cover some iPhone applications that will help you in the field, and with you business.  I have another article about more iPhone apps coming up within a month however I need to test some of the applications before writing about them.

I am working on an iPhone app for this blog which will hopefully be out in a couple of months.  I want the application to have enough value to readers to make it worth having on their phones.

Live Video- I wanted to try something different with live video.  I was hoping to make some videos/shows  about specific topics.  I don’t exactly feel comfortable video taping myself but you may catch me live on LIVE WITH ANDREW page.

New Poll- Please go to the poll on the side bar and place a vote to what best describes where you are in your career.  This will be very helpful with article topics.

Thank you for reading.