#18: March Private Investigator Blog Update and How Google is Affecting Search Results

What Happened in March

March had its good moments and average moments for my business.  In my February blog update I talked about how I fell off the first page of Google for my keywords of focus which is “Private Investigator in Tacoma” or something to that effect.  My goal was to produce some articles to create some more back links to my business website.  Unfortunately I was spread thin in the month of March.  With just 9 more weeks to go until I get my BA in Business and 50 + hour weeks, there wasn’t too much time to focus on raising my Google rank.  My business listing essentially was bouncing between the bottom of the first page and the top of the second page on the Google results.  I did conduct some research to determine how many actual searches are conducted for the desired keyword (Tacoma Private Investigator).  The results were very disappointing.  I discovered 7 total searches for my desired keywords are conducted each day.  For the city of Seattle, 29 searches are conducted each day.  This news was pretty disappointing.   If I there is anything I would take from this information, it would be to do some research of your own.   I use Market Samurai to find out all of this interesting information.  What keywords will beneficial to you?

GOOGLE Panda Update

Google made the news a few times in the month March with their Panda updates.  For those of you who have not heard about the Panda updates, Google is changing the way they look at websites and rank them.  They are trying more of a human like approach.  I don’t want to get to detailed about it but essentially they are changing the criteria for what a good website is, and how that good website is ranked.  For more information on the Panda update go HERE.  I don’t think this will really affect Private Investigator websites very much.

Business Newsletter

I wanted to add more content to my business webpage though a newsletter but I am struggling as to what content I will put in the news letter.  I have reviewed some other investigative sites for ideas on the newsletter but the actual content is not coming to me as fast as I would like it to.

Private Investigator Business Website

What really bugged me this month was my business website.  The site is just too bland and the format is not what I want it to be.  I like the Word Press Platform I am using to make the website, I just don’t like the style or theme I am using. I will be looking to purchase a better style in the near future.  I will update you when I get that to happen so you can see the difference.

Blog Mention 

Private Investigator Advice was mentioned in the blog of Sheer Investigations on the topic of Private Investigator Tips.  To check out the blog click HERE.

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