#16 February Blog Update – How did I fall off the first page of Google?

To begin with this blog, I just want to say I was disappointed in my business marketing efforts in the month of February however there were some bright moments.

Internet Ranking Results for Fortifiedis.com 

One of the good things that came out of last month was that I made it to the first page of Google for my chosen key words. I instantly began receiving traffic to my website and started receiving more calls for service. It sure makes finding customers a bit easier when you don’t have to leave the house. The keywords of focus were the following:

Tacoma Private Investigator

Private Investigator in Tacoma

By the beginning of March my rankings had begun to slide. I am not sure why they are sliding but I will need to create more links to my site to make sure I stay on the first page. The only thing that is keeping me from moving up in the rankings of Google are my own efforts. My focus on the city of Tacoma is just the beginning of my efforts. I will eventually add more content to my business website as I believe at the moment there is a severe lack of content. For me to gain more business I need to begin ranking for search terms like “Seattle Private Investigator”. That specific search term is search 3 times more than my current keyword.Keeping track of your progress!

I use the SEO Rank reporter plugin (picture above) on my website to keep track of how I am doing.  I will show a larger picture on the March blog update.


If you want to quickly rank for a specific key word for you business I have a trick to help you do that much faster.  I didn’t learn about this until after my website was up and running.

Example: Let’s say you live in Los Angeles California. You did some research and you determined that the phrase, “Los Angeles Private Investigator” was searched 1000 times each month. How would you come up on a Google.com search for that phrase? A quick way would be to buy a domain name with your specific keywords in the domain. I would try to buy the domain name like “LosAngelesPrivateInvestigator.com”.  Google would look kindly on that domain name and rank you higher because the keywords with the domain name.

My focus in March will be to add some content to the business website, focus on my college course work and continue to work 50 hour weeks . I believe that adding more content and possibly a newsletter would help the website rank better on Google searches.
On a side note, I will be graduating in June and receiving my Bachelors degree in Business Management. I already have my Associates in Criminal Justice. I can’t wait for it to finally be over. I guess it’s never too late to get your degree.

Private Investigator Blog- I hope to add a couple more blog posts this month that can add real value for my readers


Take a look at your website and see if there is anything you can do to help your Google rankings. It might be changing the header or titles to reflect keywords you would like Google to rank your website for. Including a newsletter allows for your clients to keep you fresh in their minds. You might want to publish those newsletters quarterly to avoid overwhelming your clients.

Review the websites of your competition. Is there anything they are doing on their website that you can do?

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.  I will do my best to write practical posts that can add value to your business or your career path.  Stay Safe.