#101: A Year in Review for the P.I. Advice Blog- Not the Most Productive

At the end of every year I receive statistics as to what were the most popular articles for the year, which articles were commented on the most and when articles were posted.  Boy, was I surprised at the lack of articles written for the website this year but after some reflection I remembered why.

For the about the first half of the year I had to put some focus away from the blog as other things in my life needed more attention. In particular my family and work.  Then the summer rolled around and my work increased and the rest of my free time was for the family.  If you follow my blog this is nothing new and you know where my priorities are.  My family always will come first and my business and employment will follow.

Ok so enough of that.

In February I discussed technology related to private investigators, what to expect as a vendor/sub-contractor and how travel is a serious thing for a private investigator and then you didn’t hear from me for  awhile. In fact it would be 6 months until I posted another article.  If you missed any of this you can click on the links and it will take you to the articles, podcasts and videos.

During and after the summer I went on a video posting spree.  I was inspired to freshen up the videos I was creating after following a few YouTubers that inspired me to do something different.  Below are the videos I put together over the last 5 or so months.  One of the videos is a podcast I did with my daughter. Click on any of the links below to go to the video or article.

Interview with my daughter about being the child of a private investigator

Interviewing my daughter

I really enjoyed making this podcast and video with my daughter.  In this podcast/video she shares her feelings related to me doing my job.

Responding to a listener to attempt to talk him out of being a private investigator

I had just purchased my GoPro and I was dying to use it so I created this video after having a discussing with a viewer about the job.

A surveillance day with a private investigator (on surveillance footage)

As much as I would love to show you actual surveillance video (because we all know it is entertaining to watch) I can’t for a variety of reasons.  There are some good nuggets of information in this video however.

Surveillance with Drones – Are Private Investigator’s using them?

In this video I discuss whether investigators are actually using quadcopter/drones for surveillance work. There has been some lively discussion in the comments of the Youtube video and off line.  I will surely be talking about this again in the near future.

Homemade surveillance curtain –DIY Private Investigator

In this video I create my own surveillance curtain for my surveillance vehicle because I was getting paranoid that my vehicle wasn’t dark enough.  Had a little help from someone as well.

How to add music to your videos using Windows Movie Maker

One of the first videos I ever made was how to remove audio from your video.  I always received comments on how to add music to videos so this just answered that question.  It might come in handy for you in the future as well.

Canon Deluxe Backpack Review

Canon Backpack 200EG

This camera bag deserved a review because I have enjoyed using it so much for work and for personal use.  Just one of those things that needed to be shared.

Private Investigator experience doesn’t always mean what you think

This is another topic that I will expand on again in the future in a video and the podcast.  I already kind of wrote about it in this article.

Mini Ball Head for monopod review

Spend the $3 or $5 and get yourself one of these for you monopod.  You won’t regret it. (the highlighted link is an Amazon affiliate link)

Targus laptop charger review

Again, I won’t even bother talking about a laptop charger unless it was something worth talking about.  This charger might be worth picking up as a backup charger for yourself.

Geekpro 2.0 sport camera review

This was a review of a GoPro like camera.  This is a much less expensive option for a sports camera with more functions then the most basic version of the GoPro.  If this is something that you are interested in please take a look at the review.  I am still using this camera and it has worked well for me.

Click here for the Amazon Affiliate Link to this product.

So that is it.  I probably put more time into videos this year than I did with actually blogging in 2015.  Typically what every I write about is discussed in video and on the podcast so everyone can hear about it the way works for them best.

Keep sending in questions and I will keep answering.

Thank you all for a great 2015.  Now let us get rolling on 2016!