#100: 100 Blog Posts and Private Investigator Advice Turns 4

This month marks the 4th year since the Private Investigator Advice Blog began and also marks the 100th blog article for this site or for the articles I felt were worth counting.  It started the blog back on October 24, 2011 on Blogger.com and moved ithere in December of 2011.   This blog post will be a bit different as it put some of the focus on the readers of the blog, listeners of the podcast and viewers of the 90 or so videos (soon to be 100 but that is another celebration).  I didn’t want to rewrite how the blog came about but if you want to read about it then visit the 1st year anniversary blog post.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of playing a small part in assisting individuals looking for career advice relating to being private investigator. I have corresponded with countless individuals through Facebook, emails, video comments, blog comments and even took a couple of phone calls unexpectedly.  I love getting the message saying that someone got hired on with a company.  And I love it even more when they let me know that this website helped them in their journey.

Private Investigator podcast review


Some followers of the podcast and blog not only found jobs but even started their own businesses which is just awesome.  I am so happy for all of those individuals that have their dream job or just found the something they really enjoy doing.

One listener started his own podcast with a friend about being a Corrections Officer in a prison and it is called Hacks With Loose Screws. He and his partner are passionate about podcasting and I would definitely check their podcast out.  Here is their Facebook page.

Hacks with Loose Screws

Another listener surprised me with a video in November of 2014 and it was a crack up.  When I received the video I think I hadn’t podcasted for awhile and he was reaching out to me in a unique way to make sure everything was ok.  He also requested I spam his email.  I don’t know if I will be doing that anytime soon but you never know.  Below is Brad’s video to me.

These 4 years has gone by very fast.  Though I know there is a great deal of information on this website I was hoping to be further along and already have my course up and running too but life gets in the way on occasion.

So as a listener, reader and video watcher you can expect more videos, podcast episodes (of varying length) and blogs in the future.  I have some personal goals I am trying to meet before the end of the year so you will see lots being posted in a short amount of time as long as I have the time to do it.

Keep sending in the questions and I will keep trying to answer them all in a timely manner.  Thank you all for the support of Private Investigator Advice website.  It is still my goal to make learning about this industry fun and entertaining. And if you never decide to become a private investigator I still appreciate the support and the fact that you take the time to listen to the podcast, read a blog post or watch a video.

Last but certainly not least I am very thankful for my wife editing like 99% of every blog you read.  If it wasn’t for her there would be a ton of errors and that would not be good.  If there are any errors in this blog article it is because I didn’t let my wife edit it.

Take care everyone.  I am sure I will have another video or blog out within a day or so.




  1. Congratulations on a project well done. My best wishes for continued success.