#10 Private Investigator Tips: Must Have iPhone Apps for the Private Investigator #3

This will be my last installment of Must Have iPhone Apps until I can find some more that can really be an asset to you as a private investigator.  As practical as the previous articles on iPhone Apps are, the applications I will be talking about are very practical for investigators who travel away from home frequently.


Those of you who are in tune with technology have probably already heard of the face time feature on the iPhone.  If you are not familiar with it let me give you a brief description of this application.  I know there are plenty of old school investigators out there that only need a phone that dials.  However if you are anything like me, I want to see my family even if I am away from home. This application on the iPhone has really helped me stay in touch with my family while on extended assignments.  I know many law enforcement officers that use this feature to say goodnight to their children despite not being there.

Face time is video teleconferencing on your iPhone.  You see live streaming video and audio of the individual you are speaking to on Face Time through your phone.  The only catch with this feature is you must have a Wi-Fi connection (like a hotel or Starbucks internet connection or you hone internet connection).  The second catch is that both the caller and the receiver must have an iPhone with Face Time.

Watch movies on the roadNetflix– By now everyone has heard of Netflix.  I use Netflix frequently while on the road.  I stream movies right through my phone while in my car and can watch movies through my laptop when I get to my hotel.  To use this application you must have a Netflix subscription.  The subscription is very affordable.  Definitley worth taking a look at if you don’t already have it.

Life360 makes several apps.  One application that caught my eye was the Sex Offender App.  When you open the application there is a map.  If you zoom in to any given location it tells you where the general area of a sex offenders lives.  If you click on the individual icon a picture with the offenders name is provided.  Block and street is given along with a description of the individual.  On the bottom of the application is what the individual was charged with.  This is an application that everyone should keep on their phone.

Scan BizCardsScan BizCards-A veteran private investigator in Arizona once told me that he kept every business card he was ever given.  He further explained that essentially you never know when you may need to call upon the expertise of an individual for a case.  So instead of holding on to physical cards like my friend does, I now hold on to my cards differently. HOW IT WORKS: First you take a picture of the card.  The application then scans the card and inputs the information into you address book on your phone. It will let you see and correct any information that did not scan correctly.  After you are done it will keep the picture of the card and make the contact information accessible.  So get this application and keep cards from police officers, experts, lawyers, and insurance adjusters all on your phone.

Free MoviesCrackle is a free movie application on the iPhone.  The only thing you have to put up with while watching the movie is the occasional advertisement.   It’s a small price to pay to watch free movies on your iPhone.  The movie selection is not big as Netflix but I thought this application was worth mentioning.

My last iPhone app to share is Glympse.  This application allows the user to share their location in real time to another user for a specific amount of time.  I can imagine if an agency owner wanted to keep tabs on one of his investigators this would be the way to do it.

I hope these applications can help you in your business.  Thanks for reading.